John Harbison is Web Snacks’ main talker.  John began working in/on/with the web when he graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2002.  When being a rockstar fell through, he picked up his computer and started working in Multimedia and designing websites for clients.  Throughout his career he has built lots of websites, both great and small. Some notable web projects he’s built or work on are: a site dedicated to finding cheap drinks, a site that provides Myspace meme pictures (before that was a thing) and he’s currently working on a site that rates bathrooms.  He runs a web development company, 3rd Dimension Design and also is a web developer for really big higher ed institution.  When he isn’t working, he’s probably playing with his kid, watching baseball or working on personal projects.  His least favorite thing to do is write bios about himself (like now); there is just something really strange about writing in the third person.  He’s really cool and super attractive.  You can find his blog at John or follow him on Twitter @Harbison