How to make a Podcast

recording-studio-microphoneWhat is a Podcast?

They’ve been around for a long long time and really I don’t know why I haven’t made one, but now that I have I’ll make a podcast about making a podcast – soooo deep.

So a brief definition – Podcast / really it’s an audio show – presented in audio format – your listening to one now.
What makes it a podcast?  They first showed up on iPods many moons ago – so that is where the POD comes from The Cast is actually based on the word broadcast, but more accurately they should be called PodFeeds,because a podcast is syndicated by RSS or XML or some other Feed that uses serialized data to link to the audio files.

So what do we need to in order to create a Podcast?

Here are the steps. and I’ll go more in depth with each one in just a moment.

1. Name it
– able to spell it
– probably should be related to what you are talking about (literal)
– Probably find it via search engine
2. Get the domain
– even if you set up a blog it is good to have the domain
– / networksolutions / cheap-domainregistration
3. Set up a website
– don’t have to but ??
– You definitely need to host your audio files
– Libsyn – made for podcast (5$)
– ($8 – unlimited audio)
– directory listing / stats / podcast page or website / RSS feeds
– Hostgator
– wordpress
-blubrry powerpress podcasting plugin
– seriously simple podcasting plugin
4. Record it
– There are apps for iphone
-bossjock studio
hokusai audio
mobile podcaster
irig recorder
– hand held recorders
Zoom h4n ( $50 or so used / audio interface / good mic)
– Adobe Audition
garage band
sony vegas
5. Save and upload it
-mp3 / mp4
6. Get it syndicated
– itunes
– stitcher app
7. Share it
– twitter / facebook / google +
– Publish text along with it
8. Monetize it
– affiliates
– ads on website pages